by Diamond Knife

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released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Diamond Knife Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Traversing
I am Bird Christ
I am The Feathered
The Ill, the Ore from beyond
The magmatic throat of Phoenicia, The Abomination of
molten gold poured from the stars

The ore that made itself known in sleep glowed blood red
And the gem that speaks in shades of indigo will never save me
To live amidst the glory of the stars and dust is to die
Sink! Drink deep the river water, gratefully. With a kiss,
The gem sheds it’s holy edges and it's gone

The gem in the well will never save me
As for the well, it is in my heart
Track Name: The Ohio
i will return to the breast of the river
the water's warm starry bath
there are no bruised clouds, no haunted cobwebs, no hallways in which names are echoed and stick to wet dust
only the deepest sleep from which wild cherries grow
monolithic barges carry moaning ghosts and ornamental litter
i see royal shades of poppy in the bilge
Track Name: Icaro
Track Name: Amber Ember
I, we are the shells of bugs that clatter and clack
The anxious hurry of shifting shadows
I, we are the slow moving dirt
In which all shapes buried are scripture
and all shapes shatter their hailstones as they stretch in glandular fits

I, we barricaded the world in enemies and the soul in a seal
Five thousand fathoms away, separated by mud
In tonight's stewing shadows is a reverse cenotaphic cave that glowed

The amber ember in the dirt of the night
The shadows danced like a gale atop the dirt in the dark
The amber ember in the dirt, in the shale, in rapturous lust
Branches into snakes into the wind
The cave's call
The amber ember in the night teases the spirit from the smoke that floats without fear